American Pearl Recreating Family Jewelry Heirlooms


New York-based jewelry company American Pearl is allowing customers to recreate antique or long lost family heirlooms based off of nothing more than a single photograph.

People often wish to have a piece of their family history to hold, outside of simple photographs that can fade, wear, or rip over time. Now, thanks to 3D printing, American Pearl is allowing customers to do just that. Using the “Jewelry Replicator,” you can turn a picture of a piece of jewelry into a 3D model. The process itself is free – although if you wish to have the model 3D printed, the price would obviously depend on the materials used to recreate the piece.

The process is quite simple. You can submit a request via Google Plus. Once the image is reviewed, American Pearl will get back to you to see if you want to buy the 3D printed piece. The company doesn’t share the models with others unless you choose to print the model, and then they offer a print to others. Previous customers have been happy to share the family heirlooms with other custumers as well, but if you desire to keep it private, American Pearl will also honor your wish.

American Pearl has been doing custom jewelry orders for several years, but have just recently expanded to offer 3D printing to widen the services they are able to offer to their customers.

However, American Pearl won’t recreate copyrighted jewelry –for instance, you can’t simple download a picture of the jewelry you like online and send it in to be printed cheaper. Their main focus is on old family photos.

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