An interview with 3Doodler co-founder Maxwell Bogue

3doodler interview

I’m not sure who the interviewer is on the Youtube channel “in2up,” but he’s put together a good interview of Maxwell Bogue, co-founder of WobbleWorks, the company behind the incredibly successful 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen.

Last month we introduced you to the $75 3Doodler when it was just launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter with hopes of raising $30,000. Supporters catapulted funds raised past that goal in hours if, I remember correctly, getting into the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised in no time. Today, with about two days left in its campaign, almost 26,000 people have supported the project with over $2.3 million.

If there is one thing I would say about the interview, it’s that Bogue seems to be pretty damn happy. And why not? It must have been a hell of a ride for him and cofounders this last month.

Watch the video to learn more about Bogue’s background, how the 3Doodler came about, the future of 3D printing, some good information on starting a Kickstarter project, and if he’d prefer to stay home or go to a bar.

The Kickstarter project ends on Monday, March 25, at 12:03pm EST. You better hurry if you want one.