Art of Illusion Review

art of illusion

Art of Illusion is an intuitive 3D modeling software that allows users to develop detailed models and scenes using multiple light sources and objects. Written in Java and distributed under the GNU General Public License, the software is cross-platform and can be downloaded on any computer that supports Java 5 or later, at no cost.

The most recent version of the software was released last year with a basic tool set that enables any user to model and render objects in a quick, easy-to-understand interface. Direct-to-disk rendering allows users in a pinch for time to deliver fast results on a single computer while more complex features make the software powerful enough to handle high end models.

Modeling, posing, and editing are all simple tasks in Art of Illusion. Objects are broken down into four major categories making it easier to customize the modeling process based on the task. Surface-based modeling tools keep the user interface intuitive while more advanced features allow for accuracy that rivals similar features offered in commercial programs. Post processing features include filters and noise reduction to improve textures and increase the overall 3D effect. Realtime display modes make it easy to monitor each project in small steps ensuring the final product is exactly what it should be while eliminating unnecessary post production time.

An open source software, Art of Illusion benefits from the input of multiple users while still relying on expert software developers to deliver the final results. It is one of many projects developed under SourceForge, a trusted Open Source community that has contributed to over 430,000 projects and connects with more than 41.8 million customers.

Instructions for downloading Art of Illusion are available on the program site in addition to multiple work samples that feature the quality the software is capable of producing.