Artist Uses 3D Printing to Explore Death

Amsterdam-based artist George Stamenov finds beauty in the macabre. He also had a desire to capture death in a new way.

So using images of bodies post-mortem he found on the internet, Stamenov has used 3D printing to create a unique installation featuring corpses in their final, undisturbed poses.

The artist explained why he chose to focus on how the body was positioned when it died.

“The idea of ‘Glance of Death’ came from an article I read in a science magazine about the process of death. In the article the multiple processes occurring in our bodies before death were discussed. The one that caught my attention most was the post-mortem muscle spasms,” Stamenov told 3D Print. “The position of our body after death depends on the position in which we are dying as well as post-mortem convulsing in our muscles. I interpret this process as the last ‘animation’ of our body carrier. I am fascinated by the way our bodies have been sculpted into position as a result of muscle spasms.”

The result is models, made of spun filament, that are both eerie and voyeuristic.



View the artist’s gallery of ‘Glance of Death’ sculptures here.