Attempt at Setting 3D Printing World Record


3D printing is now setting Guinness World Records!

On Friday, April 4, 2014, the LeTourneau University, located in Longview, Texas, attempted to set a Guinness World Record for the largest number of 3D printers printing together at the same time.

According to the LETU Dean of Engineering Dr. Ron DeLap, the Guinness World Record accepted their application to create this new international world record. Dr DeLap was hopeful that they would be successful in claiming the title, and said that he and the students “expect to make history.”

With 108 students, computers, and 3D printers, the process began. The goal was to get at least 50 printers working simultaneously on printing the same 3D coin. The students had their tabletop 3D printers and computers lined up in rows around the Solheim Arena. Many of the 3D printers in use were assembled by the students themselves, making the challenge extra-special to many. The students were successful in reaching their goal, and got 102 of the 3D printers started. Within 15-20 minutes all of the printers were up and printing at the same time, reaching their goal for the world record attempt.

The event was captured in both video and photographs, which was required by the Guinness World Record guidelines.

DeLap added that the event was possible thanks to the university’s requirement which calls for every freshmen engineer to build their own 3D printer, and since dozens of students participated, there were plenty of 3D printers available to reach their goal.