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Travis is an all around geek with a love for technology and he has been involved with 3D printing for several years. Besides 3D printing he also writes book reviews and about comic books. You can follow Travis on Google+ or @TStarnes on twitter.

World’s First 3D Printed Braille Phone

OwnFone is a UK-based company that has taken the guesswork out of making phone calls. Their phones are designed with children and seniors in mind, to make the process of making phone calls simpler –something…


13-Year-Old Selected as Autodesk’s Maker of the Day

May is Autodesk’s Maker Month – a month-long celebration for creative makers and artists alike. On May 13, 13-year-old Ritik Mehta was selected as the 13th “Maker of the Day.” If the name Ritik Mehta…


3D Printable Jigsaw Chair

World-renowned artist Joris Laarman uses 3D printing to create much of his work. His exhibition at the Friedman Benda in New York City features many of his elaborate furniture concepts, including a bench and some…

3D Printed Sesame Street Characters

Most of us are familiar with the educational program of the day: Sesame Street. Thanks to MakerBot, this educational program is continuing to make an appearance in our lives. MakerBot has launched an online digital…