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Travis is an all around geek with a love for technology and he has been involved with 3D printing for several years. Besides 3D printing he also writes book reviews and about comic books. You can follow Travis on Google+ or @TStarnes on twitter.

3D Printed Insoles

Although small, SOLS Systems, a company that specializes in developing 3D printed orthotics, has managed to raise over $6 million in Series A funding –in less than a year. SOLS Systems is an 8-month-old startup…


3D Printing Helps Those With Sleep Apnea

Australian dental company Oventus, together with CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization), have teamed up with 3D printing technology to create a 3D printed device that could possibly put an end to the suffering…


Japanese Man Arrested for 3D Printing Guns

Police have arrested a Japanese man who was in possession of illegal guns which were made using a 3D printer. 27-year-old Yoshitomo Imura, who lives in Kawasaki City, was arrested Thursday after Japanese police raided…

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3D Printing Makeup

3D printing has been used for a wide range of different products and now it seems to be making its way into the cosmetics sector as well. The “Mink” is a desktop printer that is…


Recycled 3D Printer Filament

While the cost of 3D printers has dropped over the years, the cost to supply them with filament “ink” has yet to fall. As it currently stands, buying a kilogram of plastic filament for your…