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Travis is an all around geek with a love for technology and he has been involved with 3D printing for several years. Besides 3D printing he also writes book reviews and about comic books. You can follow Travis on Google+ or @TStarnes on twitter.

Nokia Offers 3D Printed Easter Chocolate Fun

This past Easter Nokia decided to take advantage of the holiday and combine it with 3D printing –and chocolate. Nokia didn’t print chocolate bunnies, instead it printed out 3D chocolate logos. With 3D printing technology…


3D Printed Knee Replacement Success Story

3D printed knee implants are revolutionizing traditional knee replacement surgery, making knee replacement surgeries less painful and offering a faster recovery process. Dr. Wallace Huff at the Bluegrass Orthopaedics in Lexington has been using the…


3D Printed Yoyo

One of the most simple yet classic toys is the yoyo. A simple design, made up of a round piece of wood or plastic, wound up with a string has entertained and stumped people for…


Korean 3D Printed Jewelry Launch

A Seoul, Korea-based jewelry company founded in 2011 has recently launched its 3D printing services. Unlike other 3D printing companies which specialize in various services, JewelDistrict only specializes in 3D printing jewelry. The idea behind…


14-Year-Old Takes 3D Printing into Her Own Hands

With 3D printing technology being used in manufacturing, the medical field, and even aerospace, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this technology is now making its way into the classroom as well. 3D printing is…


LazeeEye to Turn Phones Into 3D Cameras

Introducing the LazeeEye: an add-on that turns your camera phone into a 3D camera. Using a laser illuminator hardware add-on and a stereo vision processing app, the LazeeEye allows your existing camera phone to see…