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Travis is an all around geek with a love for technology and he has been involved with 3D printing for several years. Besides 3D printing he also writes book reviews and about comic books. You can follow Travis on Google+ or @TStarnes on twitter.
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3D Printed Model Improves Kidney Surgery

3D printing technology has aided in a number of different surgeries over the past few months, allowing surgeons to print 3D models to help guide them through difficult surgeries and prepare them ahead of time…


3D Printing Car Challenge Open

Local Motors has announced the launch of the 3D Printed Car Design Challenge –a contest that’s designed to inform and influence the concept of the vehicle that will be manufactured at IMTS – The International…

Staples Offering 3D Printing Services

The familiar office supply store Staples is bringing 3D printing to customers. For almost a year now, Staples has been onboard the 3D printing movement, supplying 3D printers to its customers. The European Staples branches…


3D Printed Customizable Heart Pendants by

French companies Dassault Systemes and Sculpteo are co-launching a new product that allows anyone to customize 3D printed heart-shaped pendants. While it’s already possible to create custom 3D printed jewelry, is a new web…


3D Printed Lost Luggage Exhibition

Could 3D printing be changing the way we look at travel? Let’s face it, one of the most frustrating parts about travel is when your luggage gets lost. It happens to the best of us….