Autodesk 3ds Max Review

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Autodesk 3ds Max is a 3D modeling software for the Windows operating system. It is one of the more comprehensive 3D modeling solutions available and is commonly used by game designers and film graphic artists. As one of the more comprehensive programs out there, it can come with a hefty price tag with a perpetual license starting at $3,675.

The software offers a number of 3D modeling and texturing capabilities, including mesh and surface modeling, texture assignment and editing, and shading and material design. The latest 2014 version also offers vector map support.

The application also allows you to configure your own user interface, collaborate with other users, and use the software alongside Adobe After Effects. The latest version also provides 2D pan and zoom and data transfer and pipeline integration.

The 2014 update offers users a number of new 3D rendering capabilities including perspective match and DX 11 viewport rendering. Most newer version offer a number of integrated rendering options, a render pass system, ActiveShade interactive rendering, and vector displacement map support.

The application has MAX Script, an integrated scripting language that you can use to automate repetitive tasks. You can also create a number of keyboard shortcuts to make the modeling process even more efficient.

The software is very versatile and is used in a number of different industries. It has even been used to create CGI effects in blockbusters like Avatar, 2012, Sin City, and Spider Man 3.

Since it has become the standard in 3D modeling, the costs can be very high. To purchase a perpetual license, users would have to shell out $3,675 and $4,300 to subscribe to all future upgrades. You can also rent 3ds max with prices starting at $195 per month or $1,840 per year.

3ds max screen

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