Awesome! Student Makes 3D Printed Remote-Controlled Jeep Tank

A fourth-year engineering student just made an awesome toy every grown-up is sure to want to play with.

Nicolas Roux has designed 3D vehicles before. He upped the cool factor on his latest creation, though, by merging a Jeep with tank tracks and using an app to make the whole thing work.

“I chose to conceive it like a Jeep Rubicon because my father has one, exactly the same in White & Black, and I really love this car, so I realized it would be pretty cool to remix it with tank tracks to make it highly resistant and versatile off the road,” Roux told

To make it even more awesome, he made the Jeep user-friendly and able to be controlled with a smartphone.

“I also incorporated simple electronic components into it, making it very easy to make and user-friendly,” Roux explained. “So basically, the Jeep is controlled by an Arduino UNO board, which comes with many drivers that can work perfectly with it!”

The vehicle is also almost entirely 3D printed.

“Every single part is 3D printed, that was my goal in my design. The Jeep is a one-block print. It’s not the most efficient, but I found it to be the coolest!” the young designer gushed. “So, apart from a 3D printer, you just need few electronics devices and 2 screws to make it!”

The tank tracks also make the RC jeep go just about anywhere as Roux showed in a video of his cool, 3D printed design.