Dinosaur learns about 3D printing

“…3D printing. It sounds absurd. It sounds impossible.”

Those words were uttered by Jeremy Paxman, presenter for the BBC’s Newsnight program, who recently hosted a segment on the rise of 3D printing.

I’m not familiar with Paxman or his show, but I think this comment from the show’s Youtube video page pretty much sums up his style:

Well.. in case you haven’t noticed this is the Paxman trademark, indifferent frustrated ignorance. I thought he delivered the piece in exactly the way he would be expected to have. Dismissive and vaguely annoyed. You gotta love him, eh’

But, the piece does provide a pretty good introduction to 3D printing for those who are unfamiliar with the technology. Well, it does until about minute 7:30–that’s when Paxman comes on and talks to Paul Weber of Objet’s UK partner company, Tri-Tech. I’m not sure if Paxman doesn’t get it, or just doesn’t want to get it.

We’ll leave you with one of Paxman’s best lines:

“Forget it, you aren’t going to put these into people’s homes, are you?”

Yes, Jeremy, we are.

  • james

    Paxman isn’t so bad-

    His style of ‘beligerance and contempt’ is merely a way to extract a little passion out of the person he is talking to by gently riling them- and maybe also act as a mouthpiece for a naturally quite cynical population who may be watching and thinking the things he is saying.

    After years of pressing and pushing slippery politicians (he is excellent at making them squirm and is great fun to watch!). This is pretty tame really for Paxman. when the cameras aren’t rolling you would probably see a different conversation style from him.