The BigRep One 3D Printer: Big Possibilities With 3D Printed Furniture

BigRep One

3D Printing is going big! With 3D printers turning out life-size statues, and the potential for 3D printed houses looming on the horizon, 3D printing has now moved into yet another big sector: 3D printed furniture.

The BigRep One is a 3D printer that’s big enough to print a full size table. It has the capabilities to print objects that are bigger than a cubic meter.

The BigRep One is priced big as well – at about $39,000! With a price like that, this machine is being marketed to the professionals – it costs as much as about 14 MakerBot Replicator 2x printers. But the difference between the two printers is obvious. While the MakerBot can print components that can be assembled into full-size furniture, the BigRep One can print fully functional furniture – no assembly required. This printer is designed to print human-scale objects, such as chairs or sculptures, in a rapid manner.

BigRep One prints in the standard plastic material, but it can also print in a sandstone-like material called Laybrick, or a wood-like material, known as Laywood, which is made from 40 percent recycled products. This material produces a wood-like substance when printed. Unfortunately, Laywood isn’t cheap. It is currently going for about $25 per spool. An ordinary kitchen chair will use about 34 spools of Laywood, so 3D printing a chair will easily set you back a few thousand, and an entire kitchen set might not be a possibility for most of us yet. Still, the potential is there, and the fact that this printer is capable of printing objects this size is pretty amazing.

The BigRep One will start shipping in April-May of this year (2014).