Bioprinting: How it works and where it’s headed

This last week’s top 3D printing story was without a doubt how Penn researchers are 3D printing vascular systems with sugar. The story was everywhere. The whole subject of bioprinting has been on a tear lately, as stories of various breakthroughs in bioprinting have been in the news in the last year. And then there was the rise of 3D printing stock Organovo shooting up recently from a couple dollars to over ten, and now back to four or so just in the last couple weeks.

Yes, bioprinting is a hot topic. But I’m sure many of you are asking, what the heck is bioprinting? How does it work? To help explain it, here’s an infographic created by that might make it more clear. Hat tip to Fabbaloo, created by Printer Inks.

Click the image below to display it in full size.(You many have to click twice)

How bioprinting works

Bioprinting: How it works and where it's headed


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