Bioprinting scary, terrifying and eerie, says RT News


We’ve spoken consistently on how bioprinting (3D printing human tissue) will improve and extend people’s lives, eventually printing replacement organs for our doomed bodies. But with every optimist there’s a pessimist lurking. And that’s what I found in this video segment on RT News this morning.

The future is a scary thing to some people. It’s not what could go right, but what could go wrong. And the RT host and the reporter seems quite afraid, in fact, of what bioprinting might bring. I had the video playing with my wife in the room and during it she said, “wow, they make it sound like bioprinting is a bad thing.” So I thought it might be worth posting.

So, for a look at how bioprinting might be “scary,” “eerie,” and “terrifying,” and how we might lose a “sense of calm,” while “playing the role of God,” have a listen. It’s always good to hear the other side.

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  1. Jeff says:

    The technical term is technophobia (fear of technology).

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