Brooklyn-Based Designer Creating 3D Printed, Limited Edition Jewelry


Brooklyn-based designer, Hannah Robinett, has just launched a new line of 3D printed jewelry, called Mynlyn.

According to, Hannah designs her jewelry concepts in Brooklyn, NY. She produces prototypes on her Makerbot 3D printer, and then sends them to Shapeways to be printed in bronze, gold, sterling silver, and nylon. It is a meticulous process, but one that she enjoys.

“Combining 3 areas I’m passionate about – design, art, and tech – is a dream come true. I’m excited for mynlyn to provide some of the most unique and beautiful jewelry on the market,” says Hannah.

3D printed jewelry allows for unprecedented levels of customization, making it possible for artists and designers to visualize and create concepts to their exact specifications.

“I’ve always had the dilemma of not finding jewelry that I loved. If I did, it seemed that everyone else had it,” says Hannah. “My desire is to design jewelry that is not only unique and artfully crafted, but limited in the quantity it is made. Each piece truly is distinct and a work of art. My new found love for 3D printing has allowed me to bring these ideas to life.”

Mynlyn jewelry is modern and minimalistic. It is also unique and is 3D printed in limited supply, helping to ensure that the jewelry is exclusive – not just the same jewelry that everyone else has.