The Bukobot 3D printer seeking funding on Kickstarter

Tweet seems to be the breeding ground for many new hobbyist 3D printers lately. One 3D printer project generating interest right now is the Bukobot. With 20 days to go, its raised just about half of the $42,000 it’s seeking.

Diego Porqueras of Pasadena, California launched the Bukobot project, which is named after Buko, one of his three dogs. But after reading his description of the new printer, this new machine is no dog, that’s for sure.

He calls the “Buko framework” the next generation of open source 3D printers, and any unit using this framework is called a Bukobot. The framework is designed to be easily built, taking just a couple hours to put together (or you can buy one assembled). There’s no laser cut wood or acrylic, no threaded rods to adjust, no special machining, and only simple tools like allen keys, screw drivers, a utility knife and needle nose pliers are required. I didn’t even see a soldering iron being listed as necessary. Now that’s appealing to someone all thumbs like me.

Another great thing about a Bukobot is that it is easily upgradable. He claims he designed the Buko framework to be as future compatible as possible. For example, if you want it to print higher or faster, it may just take a few longer pieces of aluminum extrusions, longer cables (or belts) and rods or maybe some simple electronic parts to get to the next level.

Here’s the pricing of the many models he is offering. Note he has green models as well:

Kit Form:

Bukito 5 Green Kit (Low Cost, 5x5x5, Eco Friendly, PLA only) $599
Buko Mini Green Kit (5x5x6, Eco Friendly, PLA only): $750
Buko 8 Green Kit (8x8x8, Eco Friendly, PLA only): $845
Buko 8 Vanilla Kit (8x8x8 Build Volume): $999
Buko 8 Duo kit (8x8x8, Dual Extruder): $1,299

Assembled Packages

Buko 8 Vanilla Assembled (8x8x8): $1,320 + shipping
Buko 8 Duo Assembled (8x8x8, Dual Extruder): $1,950 + shipping
Buko 8 F1 Duo Special Edition Assembled (Black & Red, 8x8x8, Dual Extruder): $2,199 + shipping

Diego has posted a lot of information on his Kickstarter project page, so go and visit it to learn more.

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  1. john says:

    hai friends is some what chepper than this printers see to it

  2. tom haven says:

    Its looks ok but I think it will have poor stability given the minimal use of extrusion.

  3. Sarah says:

    This is crazy! Seems cool but I think I’ll stick with getting my printers from the PrinterDepo! :)


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