Candy Mechanics Now Offers a 3D Printed Edible Selfies

First, there was 3D printed foam that turned your latte into a work of art or even a photo of yourself.

Now, the team of Candy Mechanics have turned tasty chocolate and 3D printing into an excuse for an edible selfie on a stick you can share with your friends.


3D printed chocolate lollies by Candy Mechanics

Sam Part and Ben Redford, both from London, created the chocolate lollipop selfies as part of a Makerversity popup in London at Selfridges, and in full view of the public.

The result was a variety of tasty flavors that can be made in any scannable likeness.

Currently, Candy Mechanics will only ship out orders of 100 or more chocolates sculpted to look like anyone you want.

Patrons also have to come in to have their face scanned or arrange to get the digital files to the candy makers.

According to Part and Redford, the whole reason behind the chocolate selfies is because they like to make “ridiculously awesome stuff.”