Shining 3D EinScan H 3D Scanner
The EinScan H 3D scanner ( is a hybrid portable color 3D scanner that combines LED and infrared light sources. It is a new development by Shining 3D
Raise3D Pro3 3D printer
The Raise3D Pro3 is a new professional 3D printer ( which meets the needs of small batch production and prototyping and increases the efficiency of product creation in
Raise3D E2CF 3D printer
The E2CF is the new 2021 model from Raise3D. It is based on IDEX technology, with two independent extruders, which gives users a number of advantages over the
QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D printer
QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D printer is designed for FDM printing of different types of plastic. Thanks to the closed chamber with the ability to maintain high temperature, the
Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 3D printer
The Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 3D printer is a desktop 3D printer with an LCD display, manufactured by Phrozen, a Taiwanese company known for producing high-quality 3D printing
If you’re a seasoned 3D printing expert and seeking a big 3D printer, look for no other. Modix 3D printers have been created to make the process of achieving
Intamsys FunMat HT Enhanced High Temp 3D Printer
PEEK 3D PRINTING WITH INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT 3D PRINTER The Funmat is equipped with an sophisticated thermal system design that includes a 90degC constant-temperature chamber, a 160degC heated
CraftBot Flow IDEX XL: Price, Specs, Release & Reviews
The CraftBot Flow IDEX XL 3D printer is a massive dual extrusion printer belonging to the CraftBot Flow family. The company’s prior 3D printer model, CraftBot 3, CraftBot 3,
CreatBot DX | DX Plus Large format 3D Printer
It supports up to Triple Head with up to 350 degC for high temperature printing. Its CreatBot DX • CreatBot DX Plus 3D Printer ( is fast printer
CreatBot F430 3D printer review – a compact industry
This time we take an in-depth look at the interesting CreatBot F430 desktop 3D printer (, which has all the hallmarks of an industrial device, but fits on