Anisoprint Composer A3 – Industrial Continuous Fiber 3D Printer
The Anisoprint Composer A3 is a professional 3D printer with a new and patented composite extrusion technology (CFC). It produces printed objects that are more resilient, lighter and
How to implement 3D metal printing in your company?
Introduction Metal 3D printing is widely used by some industries, such as automotive, aerospace, or jewelry. Your business could benefit from it too! Why should you start considering
Sinterit Lisa 3d-printer review
The Sinterit Lisa is a professional desktop 3D printer produced by Sinterit, a Polish manufacturer. We tested the Pro version of the Lisa in Sinterit’s offices in Poland.
Sinterit Lisa Pro test: affordable, accessible and quality SLS 3D printing
Sinterit is a Polish manufacturer dedicated to making SLS 3D printing more affordable and accessible. Introduction Sinterit launched its first desktop SLS 3D printer- the Lisa- in 2015,
Sinterit Lisa Pro SLS 3D Printer
The Lisa SLS 3D printer from Sinterit is a compact device weighing 90kg. The 3D printer requires little space and is filled with powder from above. Additional accessories