Russian installation for 3D printing in space will be tested on the ISS
The state corporation “Roscosmos” reports that this year on the International Space Station (ISS) will be held an experiment “3D-printing”. Its purpose is to test additive technologies for
Rosatom’s enterprise is ready to 3D-print analogues of imported components that are unavailable due to sanctions
Rusatom – Additive Technologies has launched an “operating line” for companies whose production activities are hindered or suspended due to a shortage of spare parts, materials, and components
Scientists have learned how to quickly print complex 3D structures out of glass
Chemically and thermally stable glass is far preferable to plastic in industry, medicine, and science. And if people have learned to print plastic 3D models quite well, then
NASA will invest in a 3D printer for mass production of cartilage in orbit
NASA is overseeing a number of projects that could help commercialize production in orbit in the future. One such project was the development of a 3D printer for
A Russian 3D printer will arrive on the ISS in June
State-owned Roscosmos Corporation reports that a 3D printer is scheduled to be delivered to the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) next month. The device was
NEFU Explores 3D Printing of biodegradable pins for fracture treatment
Today we’ll discuss not one of the standard composite 3D printers such as the Raise3D E2 CF, but the development of 3D printed pins for fixation of tubular
Develop Experimental 3D Printer for Full-Color Polymer 3D Printing
The device adds paint in the process of filament melting, making it possible to obtain any desired shades. The Directorate of The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative
Texas National Guardsmen to be Housed in 3D Printed Barracks
You thought that the Creatbot F1000 was too large for your projects, hah? Construction company ICON used a 3D printer of its own design to build a barracks
Tethon 3D announced C-Lite Refractory Photopolymer with Carbon Nanotubes
U.S. company Tethon 3D will soon release a high-temperature antistatic photopolymer resin for stereolithographic 3D printers. The solution features carbon nanotubes. The C-Lite resin was created with the
Photocentric Has Launched the LC Opus MSLA 3D printer
British company Photocentric is accepting orders for a new LC Opus LCD stereolithography system with a monochrome curing screen and a build volume of 310 x 174 x