CreatBot F430 PEEK 3D printer
The CreatBot F430 is a professional 3D printer ( from a world-renowned brand. One of the printer’s 2 extruders is high-temperature, so it works with a wide range
Creality CR-5 Pro H 3D Printer
The Creality CR-5 Pro H 3D printer ( is an advanced device with a fully enclosed enclosure, automatic platform leveling, and a number of other useful features. Its
UNIZ SLASH 2 3D printer
Uniz SLASH 2 is a new generation of desktop 3D printers that work with LCD stereolithography technology. Read the full review on the Top3dshop blog SLASH 2
The Raise3D Pro2 Plus 3D printer
The Raise3D Pro2 Plus belongs to the new generation of printers from the manufacturer Raise. The device has already won awards. It is a competitive, advanced model with
Raise3D Pro2 3D printer
The new Raise3D Pro2 3D printer models are ideal for small batch production and 3D farm printing. But they are also suitable for companies looking to optimize and
QIDI Tech i-Fast 3D printer
QIDI Tech i-Fast 3D printer is a new generation model from a well-known Chinese manufacturer. The printer has a closed chamber by default with excellent thermal regulation, and
QIDI X-max 3D printer
QIDI X-max is the first 3D printer with different way of filament placement and a choice of printing from filaments of different materials. The printer is intuitive to
Phrozen Sonic XL 4K 3D printer
The new Phrozen Sonic XL 4K is a large , accurate and reliable 3D printer for high-speed printing. The specially designed 4K resolution monochrome LCD display and large
Composer A4
Anisoprint is an Russian producer of high-quality 3D printers and creates FDM and FFF equipment. The range of 3D printers offered by the company provides composite 3D printing i.e. the machines can print
CreatBot PEEK-300: Advanced High Temperature 3D Printer
CreatBot PEEK300 ( is a top-quality 3D printer with the Direct Annealing System (DAS) capable of printing a variety of high-performance materials. CreatBot has been manufacturing high-temperature 3D