MAI Graduate Student Developed a Material for 3D Printing Buildings on the Moon
Today we will talk not about standard consumables such as PLA, ABS, PETG used on Raise3D E2 3D printers (see printing examples here), but about materials for 3D
KREMEN Offers Unique Ribbed Filaments in Protective Cartridges
The Russian group of companies KREMEN has released a line of materials for FDM 3D printers: KREMEN Ribbed Surface. This series of filaments was made with the desire
CADFEM CIS Expert Explained DED Modeling of Additive Manufacturing
The international conference “Additive Manufacturing: Present and Future” took place on October 7-8, 2021. At the event, representatives of companies and scientific organizations discussed a wide range of
The “Biryuch” Center Conducts Testing of a Flying Cab Prototype
The Russian innovation center “Biryuch” of the “EFCO” group of companies conducted first flight tests of the prototype of an unmanned aerial vehicle Hi-Fly Taxi. Apparently, the development
The Solutions Provided by ScanTech Are Not Limited to 3D Scanning Services
ScanTech pays more attention to secondary design after scanning. This aspect is also of concern to our customers. The 3D data can easily be imported into a 3D
3D Printers from Desktop Metal Receive Polymer-Titanium Filament
The list of materials for additive manufacturing systems Studio System 2 production of Desktop Metal company added a filament filled with titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V (Ti-64). The Studio System
Essentium Launches a Filament Based on Refractory Engineering-Grade PEKK Plastic
Texas-based 3D printer developer and manufacturer Essentium has added refractory engineering thermoplastic polyether ketone ketone (PEKK, PEKK) filament to its portfolio. You can learn more about the printing
F160-PEEK is a Professional industrial 3D printer
F160-PEEK is a professional industrial 3D printer designed specifically for printing PEEK engineering plastic with an extrusion temperature of 420 C°. A direct-drive, high-temperature extruder and a fully
What does a 3D printer consist of and how does it work?
Most modern 3D printers with a CNC unit use the same approach to the 3D printing process. The components and individual parts of such devices may differ, but
What is SBS plastic for 3D printers?
Styrene-butadiene copolymer, SBS, is a thermoplastic filament for printing spatial objects on a 3D printer. The material is distinguished by its elasticity, resilience, ability to withstand temperature fluctuations,