Shining 3D EinScan-SP 3D Scanner
The Shining 3D EinScan-SP 3D scanner is one of the latest developments of the famous Shining 3D brand. This model belongs to the segment of desktop equipment, but
The EinScan-SE is a desktop and powerful 3D scanner that has proven itself in small and medium-sized scans. EinScan-SE: A great choice for processing and scanning tasks Totally
Shining 3D EinScan Pro 2X 2020
The Shining 3D EinScan Pro 2X 2020 is a handheld 3D scanner that incorporates new technical solutions and impressive features that deliver excellent, highly accurate results. This updated
Shining 3D Einscan HX 3D Scanner
The Einscan HX 3D scanner is the latest 2020 model in Shining 3D’s line of hybrid scanners. This scanner works with two different light sources: a blue LED
FlashForge Guider II 3D printer
The FlashForge Guider II 3D printer ( is one of the most remarkable models in the entire lineup from this famous company. It is based on the successful
Big Delta – the world’s largest 3D printer from Italy, capable of building houses
The Italian company WASP has created the world’s largest building 3D printer. It is called Big Delta. The device measures 12 meters in height and 6 meters in
3D printer Delta WASP 40100 Clay
3D printer Delta WASP 40100 Clay ( is designed for processing clay, ceramics and other similar materials. It is used in the process of creating 3D models or
WASP offers 3D printers for printing clay mixes
Italian company WASP offers two new 3D printers designed with clay 3D printing in mind. The machines are designed primarily for sculptors and manufacturers of designer ceramics. Like
Craftbot FLOW IDEX Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer
Extruders with large formats, both dual professional 3D printers like CraftBot FLOW, also known as CraftBot FLOW IDEX , is the ideal choice for optimizing production to produce
CraftBot Flow Single Extrusion 3D Printer
Whatever CraftBot Flow Single Extrusion 3D Printer ( you pick, you’ll be able to enjoy an easy-to-use and reliable device that’s ideal for educators, professionals as well as