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3D Printed Garden Show Arrives in London

The world’s first-ever 3D printed garden show is set to go on display in London this week. The garden show, miNiATURE, will showcase 3D printed gardens created by designers around the world. Designers from Australia,…


3D Printed Custom Jewelry in Time for Valentine’s Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, MIT has launched a new company that allows anyone to design custom 3D printed jewelry. Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Cornell University have launched Dyo,…


3D Blossoms Open the World to New Ideas

With spring just around the corner, 3D printed flowers couldn’t come at a better time. Richard Clarkson is the proud designer of the world’s first 3D printed inflatable flowers. The flowers were part of a…

3D printed picture for blind

Printing tactile images for the blind

Students at Harvard are working on a project called Midas Touch that aims to use 3D printing to bring visual art to the fingers of the blind.

customizable lithopane mona lisa

Thing of the Week: Pictures

According to instagram, photography is cool. Be the hip one with these 3D printable picture enhancers.