Category: Art

3d printed skeleton prologue

Self-Sculpting Down to the Bone

Caspar Berger underwent a CT scan to procure an accurate digital 3D model of his skeletal structure; he took that model and 3D printed it.

urban repair squad

3D Printing Urban Repair, Gorilla Style

Some will inevitably call it defacement and graffiti, and some have no taste. Art in galleries is fine, but sometimes street art is all I can afford.

bodhisattva met

Mashing up museum art at the MET

At a workshop at Metropolitan Museum of Art in May 2012, we used the latest 3D printing technology was to reproduce artifacts thousands of years old.

objet skulls

Boo! Halloween skullduggery at Objet

A designer over at 3D printer Objet got in the Halloween spirit and 3D printed quite a conglomeration of craniums — in five spooky colors.

face off partrick

Mission Possible: 3D Printed Identity

Patrick used a Planmeca ProMax 3D ProFace CAT scanner to capture his face. The image was sent to a ZPrinter 650 to print in high definition full color and the result is uncomfortably accurate.

nervous system thumbnail

Algorithmic art you can touch

With the help of Shapeways, designers from Nervous System are meeting the challenge of substantiating algorithmic art to tangible form.