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3d printing kiosk

Unfold the kiosk

Equipped with a Bits From Bytes printer and Polhemus 3D scanner, this the Kiosk 2.0 from Unfold can create custom 3D prints on the spot.

face off partrick

Mission Possible: 3D Printed Identity

Patrick used a Planmeca ProMax 3D ProFace CAT scanner to capture his face. The image was sent to a ZPrinter 650 to print in high definition full color and the result is uncomfortably accurate.

Opus 5 Octopod

20,000 prints under the sea

Sean Charlesworth made this 3D-printed OPUS V: Octopod Underwater Salvage for his master’s thesis project. The incredible detail must be seen to be believed.

group T racebar

That’s a fast 3D print!

Belgian Group T wanted to make their racecar go faster, they 3D printed a super-sleek body. The car is called Areion, and it’s entered into the Formula Student Competition.