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Could 3D Printing Pens Be the Future for DIY Tinkerers?

A simple to use 3D printing pen may help at-home tinkerers experience 3D printed technology without knowing CAD. Already, tech-savvy 3D printing enthusiasts are using tech know-how to aid in home repairs. Phillip Cotton teaches…


You Can Fry an Egg With Your 3D Printer

The team at 3D Modular Systems have just found a new use for their printers. Apparently, with a frying pan and a bit of ingenuity, a 3D printer with a heated build platform can substitute…


DC Comic Fans Can Print Their Very Own Scary Joker Mask

A designer decided to use 3D printing to fashion his very own Joker mask based on Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder’s “Death of the Family” storyline. The results are awesome, or horrifying, depending on how you…