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3d printed skateboard

New skateboard trick: 3D print it

This full twin tip skateboard deck was printed by 3DPRINTUK, a UK print service. Though it’s sturdy enough to ride, it may not withstand dropping onto any rails.

3d printed hyperloop

3D printing Elon Musk’s Hyperloop

Taking designs from the drawing boards to real-world models is an important step in product development, and now the Hyperloop has passed that step.

3d printing history thumbnail

A brief history of 3D printing [infographic]

Starting with 3D Systems founder Charles Hull experimenting with rapid prototyping in 1984, to printing a human jaw in 2013, this infographic takes you through three decades of 3D printing history.

realistic 3d barbie

Barbie got back!

In order to present a more realistic doll than Barbie, Nickolay Lamm 3D printed a doll with the dimensions of an average 19 year old.