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GE Garage Program Opens in D.C. From March 21 – April 9

General Electric is getting people excited about innovation. Introducing the GE Garage project; a series of high-tech, hands-on labs, featuring workshops and hands-on projects to give people a chance to get creative. As part of…


Inside 3D Printing Show Returns to NY

For many years I attended the SME RAPID Conference with its focus on rapid prototyping.  Since rapid prototyping was one of the first applications of additive manufacturing [AM], there was always lots of 3D Printing…


3D Printing Bringing Water to Those Without

Getting a fresh glass of water is something that most of us don’t think twice about. For many people in underdeveloped countries though, access to fresh drinking water is a privilege that they don’t have….


Lab Grown Leather and Meat May be Coming to NYC

If tissue-engineering lab Modern Meadow has its way, 3D printed meat may very well be coming to New York City. The company is currently in negotiations to lease a spot in the BioBAT facility in…