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3D Printed Metallic Christmas Trees for the Holidays

Just like this past Thanksgiving, it seems 3D printing enthusiasts can’t shake the holiday spirit.  For Christmas, Olaf Rehme, a material researcher at Siemens Corporate Technology, is getting ready for the holiday by printing Christmas…


A New Truly Low-Cost 3D printer

Although growing in popularity and becoming more readily available (you can even buy a 3D printer at Office Depot now), there are still some barriers that stop people from getting into 3D printing at home….


A New Christmas Event – Scan-A-Clause

The holidays are here and 3D printing is making its mark this holiday season.  3D Systems’ Cubify division has claimed its place in holiday 3D printing history by offering what they call a Scan-A-Clause.  They…


Office Depot Expands 3D Printer Program

The march towards an increased retail presence of 3D printing continues. Last week, it was MakerBot opening retail 3D printing stores. This week, Office Depot steps up their 3D printing offerings. The office supply chain…

3D Ventilation

DIY Options for 3D Printing Ventilation

Earlier this week, we featured an article about the dangers of recycled 3D filament and the fumes that can be released from 3D printing when some materials are used.  There have been several interesting attempts…