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3d printed 13 bong water pipe

Thing of the Week: Bongs and water pipes

I’m not advocating anything here *cough cough* but if you happen to partake in the usage of a certain herb, there are various water pipes for your enjoyment on Thingiverse. *cough*


3D print a vase from your tablet

Sculpting pottery is hard. Touching your smartphone is not. With let’s create! Pottery you can sculpt custom pottery at the touch of a finger, and have it 3D printed and shipped to your door.

ford engine 3d printed

Thing of the Week: Engines!

There are plenty of mechanical Things on Thingiverse, so with some ingenuity, these engines can be made to power those Things.

Ornithopter Frame

Thing of the Week: Flying Machines

Let your creativity take flight with these printable flying machines on Thingiverse. Today’s Thing of the Week was inspired by this Japanese 3D printed ornithopter.