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German 3D Print Company to Open Facility in Michigan

A Germany-based 3D print company, Voxeljet, announced plans to locate its first US facility in Michigan. Voxeljet specializes in providing 3D printers, as well as on-demand parts, to industries such as aerospace, art, and architecture…


3D Printed Wool Running Shoes

Thanks to 3D printing, buying new shoes has never been easier! With a number of shoe templates available online, all you really have to do is download a file and click print –if you have…


3D Printing Fabcafe Opens in Barcelona

While most of us would probably think of having a donut with their coffee, a new café in Barcelona is introducing the concept of 3D printing with your coffee. Fabcafe is Barcelona’s newest café, having…


3D Printed Smart Lamps by Philips Hue

The demand for smart and ecofriendly home lighting is on the rise. On Friday, Philips Hue announced three new products that will be available for customers. One of these products is 3D printed artistic luminaries….