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3DLT Joins PieceMaker to Offer In-Store 3D Printing

Just recently, 3DLT has announced a partnership with Pittsburgh company PieceMaker. Together, PieceMaker and 3DLT will cross-promote and combine their technologies to make customized, unique toys that can be printed using an in-store kiosk: Factory…

3D Printed Sesame Street Characters

Most of us are familiar with the educational program of the day: Sesame Street. Thanks to MakerBot, this educational program is continuing to make an appearance in our lives. MakerBot has launched an online digital…


3D Printed Yoyo

One of the most simple yet classic toys is the yoyo. A simple design, made up of a round piece of wood or plastic, wound up with a string has entertained and stumped people for…


Fully Posable 3D Printed Action Figure

Introducing “The Ronin,” a fully-posable action figure featuring LED components and made from over 400 individual 3D printed parts. The Ronin was designed by Aaron Thomas and was built using an Ultimaker personal 3D printer….


3D Printing Medieval Barbie Armor

While Barbie has had many occupations over the years, she now has the ability to take on fire-laden dragons with her 3D printed suit of armor, thanks to inventor Jim Rodda who was inspired by…


Lego Considers 3D Printing as a Way to Connect With Customers

As 3D printing continues to pick up steam, affecting various sectors across the manufacturing industry, many big-name companies are looking to expand their business by taking advantage of this technology. Lego, the world’s second largest…