Celebrate the Freedom of Being an American by 3D Printing the Ellis Island Customs House

America has become what it is today due to the many people who came to her shores over the years.  Ellis Island alone saw over 12 million immigrants pass through its doors from 1892 to 1954. The Customs House was built in 1900, replacing a previous wooden structure which burned in the 1890s.  In Celebration of the Fourth of July, illustrator and 3D Printing designer Don Foley is releasing a model of the Customs House for free for a limited time.  Anyone can download the design and 3D Print it for personal use.



Don has a long history working with 3D Printing and his design also includes tips for best results on your own machine.  He has put together this great graphic to asssist in both the 3D Printing and the assembly.


To get your copy of the Customs House design go to Don’s website and on the 3D Print store page scroll to the bottom.  While you’re there be sure to check his his other 3D Prints and beautiful illustrations, drawings and infographics.