Inspiring: children assemble an Ultimaker 3D printer

I love this video!

Watch this short educational documentary called ABC3D, and be inspired watching schoolchildren blessed with teachers and a school system that gives them the chance to meet their full potential, and to then exceed society’s expectations. It’s not another video of kids using a 3D printer in class, but instead, they are actually building one! Working as a team, they put together an Ultimaker 3D printer.

The kids are part of a gifted education program called Alant children at the Chr. Jenaplan Morgenster Elementary School in Geldermalsen (The Netherlands). Also in the video are Tjepko de Boer, director of the school, Manuela van den Bos, teacher of gifted children, Inge Roos, science and technology teacher, and Erik de Bruijn, co-founder of Ultimaker.

My favorite line is at the end when the boy and girl are speaking to the interviewer. The girl says, “Some people think children can never do this, they are way to young. And when they see us making this, they will have to think again.” Then the boy finishes up with, “Actually, it isn’t even that difficult.” Yes, that’s right. Let’s give kids more credit — they can do much more than most of us think. Our future is in their hands, so it’s in our interest anyway.

The film was directed and produced by Raapwerk, was commissioned by the Chr. Jenaplan Morgenster Elementary School and by the Science and Technology Center Gelderland (KWTG).

Source: Ultimaker

  • Manuela van den Bos

    Thanks for your nice comments. The children in my class will really appreciate this!

    • mark

      It’s nice to hear from you. Great job with your class. I was truly inspired. And the kids are adorable!