Inventor of 3D Printing Chuck Hull Included in the National Inventors Hall of Fame


The inventor of 3D printing, Chuck Hull, is set to be inducted into the 2014 National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Chuck Hull, inventor of the 3D printing and founder of 3D Systems, is included in the 2014 list of inductees for his work in inventing and developing 3D printing technology.

Hull invented the original 3D printing technology, Stereolithography (SLA). He also created the STL file format, which continues to be the standard by which 3D printers connect with CAD software.

In 1983, Hull created the first-ever 3D printed object –a cup. Hull later went on to found 3D Systems, a leading provider of 3D printing design-to-manufacturing solutions for consumers as well as industries.

“Each year we have the distinct honor of recognizing individuals whose contributions to society will resound throughout the ages,” said Michael Oister, Invent Now CEO. “3D printing is an astounding technology that is poised to change the way our world works and the way we interact with it. We are delighted to welcome Chuck Hull to our NIHF family.”

“I am deeply honored to become a part of the NIHF and be considered among the group of high caliber innovators who have transformed the world and improved the human condition in tangible and powerful ways,” said Chuck Hull, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, 3DS. “I always knew that 3D printing had the capacity to change the entire design-to-manufacture process, but could not have anticipated the full impact that my work would have on every facet of our lives. It is incredibly humbling and exhilarating to be a part of this transformation.”

On May 21, 2014, Hull will be honored at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia.