CNET’s Always On’s Sharon Vaknin 3D Prints herself an iPhone case

It’s fun to watch the rest of the world discover the magic of 3D printing. Here, in the latest episode of Always On, Sharon Vaknin designed and 3D printed her own, personalized iPhone case. She attempted this, as she says, as “a complete noob, without the slightest idea of how the printing process works.” I’d say she did quite well.

She dove into her project by heading over to the TechShop in San Francisco, where she could use a computer loaded with the Autodesk 123D free 3D modeling software, and a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer.

Watch as she begins with a ready-made model of a basic iPhone case in the 123D program, and then figures out how to cut out her name on the back of the case. An hour and a half after submitting her print to the Replicator, she had perfectly-fitting case on her iPhone.

Source: CNET