Could 3D Printing Pens Be the Future for DIY Tinkerers?

A simple to use 3D printing pen may help at-home tinkerers experience 3D printed technology without knowing CAD.

Already, tech-savvy 3D printing enthusiasts are using tech know-how to aid in home repairs.

Phillip Cotton teaches computer technology in his high school classroom. At home, he uses his printer for all sorts of DIY repairs.

“What can you do with a 3D printer?” Cotton asked. He then said the answer is simple: the options are “endless.”

In the classroom, though, Cotton often uses earlier versions of the pens to introduce kids to the idea of 3D printing because it does not require knowledge of CAD.

This ease of use is exactly what 3D printing pen manufacturers are hoping will help convince people to bring the pens into their homes to help make at-home fixes and complete small projects.

Simo just posted their newest version of the pen, that works with plastics, wood, and metal on Kickstarter.

Although not meant for serious 3D printing experts, the Simo team is banking on the fact that for home hobbyists, the pens may be just right.