Crowdsourced 3D Printing Project: 3D Printed Hand Sanitizing System for Syrian Refugees


UK charity Oxfam and 3D printing file sharing platform MyMiniFactory have teamed up to launch the “Oxfam 3D Printing project,” a project that will use 3D printers to send assistance to areas suffering from humanitarian crises.

The project is calling for 3D printing enthusiast and designers to get involved to make the world a better place. The challenge is to create a 3D printed hand sanitization system. The focus is to create a hand washing system that saves water and encourages people to use it.

The testing will be done in Syria, where over 2.4 million people are currently living in desperate conditions. The basics are needed to prevent illness, which is where Oxfam has stepped in, asking for 3D designers to create a way for those living in desperate conditions to have access to basic hand hygiene.

“You design it, MyMiniFactory 3D-Print it, Oxfam test it,” the Oxfam website states.

Engineers will review all of the design entries and identify a short-list of variations to be field tested in Lebanon.

“We will run through several iterations of this process until we have a suitable solution ready for mass manufacture by September 2014,” states the Oxfam website.

The project is open for submissions until May 27.