3D Systems CubeX 3D printer wins CNET’s Best of CES 2013 Emerging Tech

CubeX CES Award

After listening to a number of people who went to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week, the anecdotal evidence suggests that 3D printers stole the show. And one of the biggest announcements there in the area of 3D printing was the unveiling of 3D Systems’ new CubeX. Judges at the show obviously agreed, and CNET awarded the CubeX Best of CES 2013 in the Emerging Tech category. Quite an honor. Congratulations 3D Systems.

The CubeX is a huge step up from 3D Systems first, affordable desktop printer, the Cube (second generation announced at CES). The new CubeX has the largest print volume in its class (1030 cubic inches of space, with dimensions of 10.8″ x 10.45″ x 9.5″), and it prints in either ABS plastic or more eco-friendly PLA, even both simultaneously.

But not only can you print in two materials, but you can print in three colors at the same time if you choose the upper end printer. The three print head model, called the CubeX Trio, will set you back $3,899. But you can get a two head model, the CubeX Duo, for $3,249, and the entry level model, simply called the CubeX, for $2,499. The CubeX and the CubeX Duo are both upgradable to the next model.

The company is now accepting orders for shipments beginning on February 8, 2013.

Here’s CNET with their first look at the printer:

  • http://tridi.com.br Rafael Pasqua

    Actually CubeX won CNET awards, which is good but it’s not the official prize.

    • https://3dprinter.net mark

      You’re right, I see I didn’t not make that clear. I’ve updated the article to make sure that’s reflected. Thanks.

  • http://silberkind.de/+ Nils Hitze

    Have you seen the Protos 400 – it has a BIGGER volume for a lower price and without these useless cartridges


  • Marcus Wolschon

    Who gives a “Best …in the Emerging Tech” award for 2 year old technology at a rediculus price with vendor-locked, overpriced material?
    It hasn’t improved much since the RepMan 3.0 serveral years ago while the comunity raced by towards the newest Repraps, Ultimaker kits/ready-build machines,…

    1% of object size or 0.2mm as tollerances? That’s lame by even last year’s standards! Even layer heights lower then that are common nowadays!
    Heated beds as a new technology? That’s ages old!
    $2500 as a breakthrough? We have $200 printers and $1000 real, real good ones with commercial support and everything!
    $85 for a cartridge of unknown size? I pay half of that for a standard spool with free choice of my manufacturer!

  • Pete

    I have purchased the CubeX Duo, and I can tell you first hand that the process has not been pleasant from the start. I was suppose to receive the printer late Feb, ( one month after payment) never informed me that they have not finished with me printer until I called them to ask, and was told that I would have to wait another month for shipment. I was informed one week before the shipment was to be made that it would be shipped out on the 22nd of March, the 22nd comes along and still no shipment confirmation, I call them and was told that they have no idea of when the shipment will be sent. After threatening that I will cancel my order they finally ship the printer out the next day, I did receive the printer 2 days after it was shipped without the ABS cassette I ordered because they did not have it available. I tried to order there special glue for the print bed and was told they do not know when it will be made available. 2 weeks after receiving my printer and trying to adjust to the problems with the prints ( warping of the PLA, trying different application methods of the special glue, running out of PLA while printing I wake up to find the print job continuing whille there was no more PLA in the cassette) the printer lost power. I call there customer support and with there guidance figure out that the main board probably burned up, they were to order a new board for me and have it expedited to me, while playing around with the unit I saw a Micro SD Card on the board, I pulled out the SD card and the board lights came on. I figured that the SD card shorted out which caused the main board not to power up. I call there customer support to tell them if they can email me the firmware so I can flash a new SD card and get my unit up and running again which they said they can’t send me the firmware they have to send me a new SD card. It has been a week now and I still have not heard on when they are sending me the new SD card with the firmware on it. I call them and the people answering the phone have no Idea of when I will receive a simple SD card with the firmware on it. There Customer service SUCKS. I ordered this product because it received have praise at CES and because it has 3Dsystems as the mother company behind it. I would not recommend this printer to nobody. They do not have good customer service, basic material is not available (Glue, ABS, PLA) I did not buy this machine to have it sit on my desk, but they don’t give a damn about you after they receive your order.

  • James

    My company recently purchased a CubeX Trio. We have been trying to get a useful part off the machine for over two weeks. During this time we have been in touch with 3D Systems trying to determine what our options are and have basically been told there is no warranty and no refund policy.

    Since being told that our $4600 purchase is essentially worthless, I have been contacting other CubeX owners and finding that our story is common across the board. Basically 3D Systems is selling a machine that does not achieve any part building capability of value to anyone other than small play toys. As soon as the part has complex surfaces or undercuts, the machine fails every time.

    We are collecting data and plan to write an article describing what 3D Systems is passing-off as a commercially viable system which is completely unable to produce even the simplest of parts.

  • http://silberkind.de/+ Nils Hitze

    Ah that sucks – well you can get a very good 3d Printer for around 2000 (Ultimaker, Bukobot) that are reliable and have great Customer Support/Community Support. With the new rumors around Makerbot being bought by Stratasys – buying a Makerbot might not be an option anymore.

    Sorry to hear that you have such a bad experience. Would love to see the Article when it’s done.

    Btw also check out the Protos 400 https://shop.germanreprap.com/de/X400-CE-SONDERPREIS-