3D Systems CubeX 3D printer wins CNET’s Best of CES 2013 Emerging Tech


CubeX CES Award

After listening to a number of people who went to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week, the anecdotal evidence suggests that 3D printers stole the show. And one of the biggest announcements there in the area of 3D printing was the unveiling of 3D Systems’ new CubeX. Judges at the show obviously agreed, and CNET awarded the CubeX Best of CES 2013 in the Emerging Tech category. Quite an honor. Congratulations 3D Systems.

The CubeX is a huge step up from 3D Systems first, affordable desktop printer, the Cube (second generation announced at CES). The new CubeX has the largest print volume in its class (1030 cubic inches of space, with dimensions of 10.8″ x 10.45″ x 9.5″), and it prints in either ABS plastic or more eco-friendly PLA, even both simultaneously.

But not only can you print in two materials, but you can print in three colors at the same time if you choose the upper end printer. The three print head model, called the CubeX Trio, will set you back $3,899. But you can get a two head model, the CubeX Duo, for $3,249, and the entry level model, simply called the CubeX, for $2,499. The CubeX and the CubeX Duo are both upgradable to the next model.

The company is now accepting orders for shipments beginning on February 8, 2013.

Here’s CNET with their first look at the printer:

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  1. Rafael Pasqua says:

    Actually CubeX won CNET awards, which is good but it’s not the official prize.

  2. Nils Hitze says:

    Have you seen the Protos 400 – it has a BIGGER volume for a lower price and without these useless cartridges


  3. Marcus Wolschon says:

    Who gives a “Best …in the Emerging Tech” award for 2 year old technology at a rediculus price with vendor-locked, overpriced material?
    It hasn’t improved much since the RepMan 3.0 serveral years ago while the comunity raced by towards the newest Repraps, Ultimaker kits/ready-build machines,…

    1% of object size or 0.2mm as tollerances? That’s lame by even last year’s standards! Even layer heights lower then that are common nowadays!
    Heated beds as a new technology? That’s ages old!
    $2500 as a breakthrough? We have $200 printers and $1000 real, real good ones with commercial support and everything!
    $85 for a cartridge of unknown size? I pay half of that for a standard spool with free choice of my manufacturer!

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