Get your own custom 3D printed booblehead

A couple months ago we wrote about how you could 3D print your head on to a superhero body. But if you think maybe superpowers isn’t really your thing, you can instead turn yourself into a bobblehead instead. Or maybe it’s not you that you think should have his or her head bouncing around on your car’s dashboard, but your spouse, kids, dog, or one the moronic politician of your choice.

For a custom Bobblehead of your choice, go to For an average of $79-$89, the company will take any headshot and profile pictures (profile optional) that you upload to them, your choice of a body style and hair, eye and skin color, and send you what looks to be a very accurate, 3D printed bobbling head figurine.

Why ask you to send the color choices if they have your color photo? The photos don’t always show the colors accurately so have them in the photo and specified as well wil help them make sure they get it right.

Is eighty to ninety bucks for a custom bobblehead too expensive? Well, it’s not cheap, but it’s unique. For example, isn’t it worth $180 for a pair of boobleheads that of the bride and groom to pop on a wedding cake? It looks like lots of customers think so. And would you rather say they were low-wage, hand-crafted in China or 3D printed in Redwood City, California?

Hat tip: Slate