Yum. Elegant, custom chocolate bars out of a 3D printer

piq Chocolates

Chocolate is a hallmark of human achievement. Cars that drive themselves and nuclear energy are nice, but chocolate is its own currency. Its intrinsic value is off the chart as it’s the closest thing to an aphrodisiac known to exist. Studies have demonstrated that consuming chocolate releases dopamine, a brain chemical that’s associated with pleasure. Chocolate literally makes people happy.

One of the lessons that 3D printing has taught us is that people like personalizing their goods. Make chocolate more personal and you’re looking at a recipe for success. And that’s what piq Chocolate and its Kickstarter project has done. Levi Lalla was introduced to rapid prototyping through engineering studies at MIT. While working at an engineering firm the idea of personalized chocolates occurred to him, so he started piq Chocolates in January. Using a 3D printer with chocolate means words, pictures, logos, and other designs can be added to chocolate bars.


Lalla uses fine chocolate so the gourmet experience is only heightened by having an adoring message crafted into it. There are printers on the market that can print with chocolate but piq’s chocolates look better than any I’ve seen. The campaign funds are for a larger kitchen and more equipment. Eventually we’ll have easy to use chocolate printers for the kitchen, but until then take your custom chocolate business to piq.

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