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Widdly widdly wahh! Few inventions are as cool as the electric guitar; the internet and Easy Cheese come close, maybe. While the clean, direct amplification is a big selling point, it’s the customizable sounds that really move electric guitars off the shelves. Turning one knob to the left gives you some train station reverb and stomping on that pedal twice will add a ghostly delay. This customization is unique to electrics, but they also have the same differences in their noises cast upon them by their making and hardware that acoustics do. The wood that’s used for the neck of a guitar is a major determinant of the warmth and sustain of any guitar, but the noise of an electric is also affected by its pickups, the magnetic devices that capture the sound waves reverberating from the strings (which also have a say in sound). There are limitless configurations of hardware and this allows for the constant creation of new sounds. Olaf Diegel was not satisfied with this level of customization because of his understanding of another facet to the sound of a guitar: visual style.

Olaf sees that electric guitars are themselves part of the artful expression that is rock and roll. Electric guitars come in a wide range of shapes and in every color, sometimes all at once, because people do too. Guitar players look for guitars that reflect their personality in sound and appearance alike. For this reason Olaf designed eight electric guitars and basses that are especially customizable through 3D printing. Besides being offered the usual selections of the wood of the neck, the pickups, and color, customers of Olaf’s Cubify shop will also be able to have their name or that of their band (or their dog) printed directly into the guitar. You could probably convince him to put your face on it too if you ask (pay) him really nicely.

Starting at $3,000, these are much more personal instruments than most at that price point. Not only can you get the sound you want, but also the aesthetics. Like the electric guitar, one of 3D printing’s most appealing advantages is its unmatched level of customization. I think Olaf will make more styles available if the service is a success, but my favorite of the current choices is the Hive.

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