Customize Your iPhone with 3D Printed Swappable “Fraemes” Cover


Fraemes, a start-up company that 3D prints custom iPhone covers, is seeking funding on Kickstarter for their new idea: customizable 3D printed iPhone cases.

These creations are colorful, customizable, and interchangeable. The Fraemes’ two-part design includes a protective rubber bumper that goes around the phone, and a customizable 3D printed insert frame, featuring a design of your choosing or one that you create yourself. This two-part set-up allows you to easily swap frames whenever you want; no need to choose just one cover.

“In a world of mass produced cases, Fraemes let you stand out. 3D-printed Fraemes are one of a kind,” the team’s Kickstarter page reads.

The technology that Fraemes uses to 3D print the inserts is Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). This involves using high-powered lasers that fuse together plastic powders and build the design from the ground up. Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough to own a 3D printer, you can print the inserts yourself with FDM/FFM or SLS technology.

In addition to being able to design your own cover, Fraemes has also contracted 150 designers to create pre-designed inserts to help get this project off the ground. These inserts can also be customized, allowing you to add text or colors if you choose.

Fraemes’ goal for funding is currently at $15,000. If their funding goals are reached, Fraemes plans to set the retail price at around $15 for the rubber bumper and $20 for an insertable frame. Fraemes says that the designers will receive a portion of the profits when someone purchases their designs.

At their launch, Fraemes will support the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. Next up, they have plans to work on the new Samsung Galaxy S5.

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