Futurama creators Cohen and Groening talk about their Makerbot

Sometimes you find 3D printers in the oddest places.

Odd is probably the right word for these 3D printing enthusiasts. Brilliantly odd, that is. It turns out that Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, the executive producers of Futurama, are big fans of 3d printing, and more specifically, Makerbotters. In fact, they have a Makerbot in right in their office, where they say it runs nonstop.

Cohen seems to be the real disciple of 3D printing. You can hear it in his voice in this video. He and Matt got into it when two of their writers actually bought a Makerbot. Cohen says it’s “one of the coolest gizmos you’ll ever see.”

Cohen even describes how they’ve gotten into 3D scanning as well. They used a Microsoft Kinect and some third party software to scan and then build a miniature model of one of their writer’s assistant, which he shows to the USA Today interviewer.

And Cohen even inadvertently demonstrates the strength of the printed models by accidentally dropping them on the table, undamaged.

What’s really interesting is that Futurama is already a popular theme on Thingiverse, the repository for printable 3D design files. That should please the Thingiverse crowd.

So, Makerbotters, you’d in good company!

Source: Makerbot