Design your own 3D-Printed Robot

So you’re reading 3D Printer and you’re thinking, “I want to 3D print something! Now! But what the heck do you print if you don’t know how to use any of the 3D modeling programs, and don’t have a 3D printer? You could follow the instructions in our previous article, Create your first customized, 3D-printed object in 10 minutes. But we’ve got something even easier. Why don’t you print your very own robot, online?

To much anticipation, My Robot Nation has opened their website doors today. At their site, you’ll be able to easily – very easily – custom design your own full-color 3D-printed ceramic robot that will be shipped to your door in no time. What skills do you need? Nothing special. If you can get around in a web browser, you’ve got enough smarts to make one. That’s because you’ll design your robot with an intuitive, easy-to-use, tool right in your browser.

When I say your robot will be unique, I mean absolutely one-of-a-kind, unique. There are literally billions of combinations of robot parts, attachments, colors, stamps and even posing with which you can — as Paula Abdul likes to say – make it your own. You can choose a size from micro (2 inch) to mega (6 inch), at prices from $18 to almost $170.

My Robot Nation is a joint venture of Kodama Studios, a Silicon Valley startup founded by two longtime video game industry veterans, 3D printer manufacturer Z Corporation, and Offload Studios (one of ZCorp’s print services clients). Today’s launch coincides with the official re-launch of Google’s Chrome Store, and Google will be promote My Robot Nation as a featured application.

The founders, Sarah Stocker and Mark Danks, told CNET that the printing of robots is just the beginning. They intend to adapt the design engine they’ve created to any number of other physical objects that can be customized, printed and mailed to the customer. Stocker said:

“We chose robots because they’re easy to understand, and they’re cool and cheap. But [we want to set] expectations that everything they own can be personalized…If we do this right, instead of sending Mother’s Day cards, you’ll go to the site, choose from a few keepsakes, add some trinkets, and make [your 3D printed item] personal.”

The number of websites that will let people make a customized niche product is going to explode over the next year. With the price of 3D printers way down over the last few years, entrepreneurs around the world are right now thinking up business models such as this, and business models we’ve yet to conceive that will blow us away.

Let your kid make himself a robot for Christmas this year. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Christmas 2012 for us adults. (Not to say this adult won’t make himself a 3D robot 🙂 )

Visit: My Robot Nation


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