Digital Factory: Made to order digital manufacturing

digital factory

Digital Reality, parent company to Kraftwurx, is working to make starting and running 3D printing businesses easier. Digital Reality has been quietly working on a software system for the 3D printing industry, called Digital Factory™, which company co-founder Chris Norman hopes will help change the world. So what exactly is Digital Factory? In a nutshell, it is an enterprise-level software system that fulfills two purposes: 1) it is a system which manages virtually all of the logistics for a local 3D printing facility, and 2) it gives artists a remarkable custom API tool. Whether you operate a 3D printing facility, or you’re an 3D artist, Digital Factory will make running your business easier. You’ll be able to open and operate your own e-store with no inventory, bring new products to market without investing in tooling, supply chain or inventory., and eliminate or drastically reduce your labor costs.

Let’s take a look at various scenarios where Digital Factory can help a 3D printing business.

Own A 3D Printer Or Facility?

Let’s say that you currently operate a 3D printing facility. Digital Factory can help you, because it is a purpose-built tool that includes everything you need to run your 3D printing business in-a-box. Digital Factory™ takes care of:

“It’s exciting to bring something to market that could have such a profound effect on the way people buy, sell, and create. It’s the realization of the dream I’ve had since 2004.”
  – Chris Norman, CEO
  • File checking
  • Uploading models
  • Manufacturing management
  • Supply chain management
  • Shipping logistics
  • Personalization
  • And much more…

Digital Factory is a tool that will take care of virtually all the logistics for your business. This system will make it easy for your clientele to upload models, get quotes, and customize their orders. Digital Factory™ will even take care of shipping logistics, payment processing, and other subtleties.

Custom Stores / API Tools

Perhaps you’re an artist that’s looking to expand your business. With Digital Factory, anyone can open up their own 3D printing ecommerce website, even if you don’t have a printer. Users will have access to Kraftwurx’s network of 3D manufacturing facilities across the world within their own ecommerce websites. Some 2D printing companies like Zazzle, Cafepress, and 3D printing company Shapeways offer API tools to let users establish their own stores; but, none of them function like Digital Factory. This software isn’t just a simple module, but an intricate suite of software and tools that allows for users to open up their own independent stores. 3D ecommerce websites will be much easier to use, selling products will be smoother, and customers will never have to leave your website.


Personalization is one of the key aspects to Digital Factory – customers will be able to alter and change various factors of 3D models without 3D modeling skills. Displacement mapping will change the face of personalized manufacturing. This process consists of dropping 2D images or text on top of 3D models. Rendering is also made very easy through this software. No uploader or software tool like this exists in the world of 3D printing.

“It is the future of custom, in-a-box.”
Marco Valenzuela,
Community Manager

Chris Norman, CEO of Kraftwurx and Digital Reality Corp, understood some time ago that this sort of system would be necessary, and has been working on the solution. Chris has been talking with creative minds such as Dr. Joseph Beaman, Dean of the college of mechanical engineering at The University of Texas. Dr. Beaman was one of the original employees of DTM Corporation, a pioneer in the 3D printing industry. Chris also discussed this idea with Richard Crawford, who ran the MAD lab at the University of Texas, as well as Todd Grimm of Tom Grimm Associates, which was a very involved company in the world of 3D printing.

On the timing to market, Norman says, “3D printing use has accelerated in recent years, and other companies have done a tremendous job of promoting and marketing the technology. We felt it was time to get involved.”

Digital Reality is planning on launching Digital Factory soon, and it will be available in several flavors. Some parts of this package will be free, while others will be premium. Digital Factory™ has already been licensed to several companies including Kraftwurx. Presale inquiries are being accepted. To get a taste of how some aspects of the software works, upload a 3D model on or sign up as a service bureau and produce products. To inquire about Digital Factory, click here.