bukobot 8 duo 3D Printer

Bukobot 8 Duo

The Bukobot was funded on Kickstarter, and Deezmaker has since opened a retail store and hackerspace in Pasadena, California. Bukobots are upgradeable.

Bukobot 8 Duo specs:

Filament size: 3mm, 1.75mm
Filament type: ABS, PLA, nylon, HIPS, PC, water soluble PVA
Machine size: N/A
Build volume: 200mm x 200mm x 200mm
Max print speed: 120mm/s
XY precision: approx. 846 micro-steps per mm
Minimum layer thickness: 0.1mm
Software: open source chain
Other features: dual extrusion, Aluminum frame, expandable and upgradeable
Price: $1499 (~$1849 assembled), $1199 for single extruder (~$1499) Pre-order status

Also, Deezmaker has the new Bukito at Kickstarter:


The Bukito is so portable that it can operate on a battery while being carried.

Website: Deezmaker