fabtotum 3d printer

Italian engineers are to thank for this extremely innovative piece of machinery. Going beyond 3D printing, the FABtotum is a personal fabricator with CNC, milling, engraving, and 3D scanning all packed into a sleek desktop unit. It can even produce PCB boards.

FABtotum specs:

Filament size: N/A
Filament type: PLA, ABS
Machine size: 366mm x 366mm x 366mm
Build volume: 210mm x 240mm x 240mm
Max print speed: N/A
XY precision: N/A
Minimum layer thickness: 0.1mm
Software: custom/open source
Other features: metal chassis, 4-axis milling and engraving, 3D scanning
Price: $1099 assembled

Website: FABtotum