Isis One

Operating out of Chicago, Illinois, Isis3D aims to set a new standard for RepRaps. The Isis One was designed to be rugged, precise, and easy to use by incorporating heavier gauge rods, a pre-leveled bed, and pre-calibrated KISSlicer Pro. According to them the bed will never need to be leveled.

Isis One specs:

Filament size: 3mm
Filament type: PLA (supported); ABS, nylon, PC (possible)
Machine size: 350mm x 450mm x 550mm
Build volume: 300mm x 300mm x 225mm
Max print speed: 200mm/sec
XY precision: 0.02mm
Minimum layer thickness: 0.05mm
Software: KISSlicer Pro and/or open source chain
Other features: glass bed, bed fan, sD slot
Price: $2199

Website: Isis3D